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Do you feel like you are seeking something, looking for a kind of fulfillment that you can never quite attain? It’s not family, career success or anything material but something… deeper. It’s like you know there is more to your existence than that. What if you are able to discover what you are seeking, and then things suddenly make more sense? Your Self-Realization is the first step in elevating your awareness and satisfying your seeking.


The Self, as you will discover, is the part of your awareness that is beyond the limitations of mind, body, feelings, or intellect. It is the true unchanging, eternal self – the Spirit. This knowledge of Self is absolute – which means it isn’t a mental concept or an intellectual thesis. It is a very direct experience that can be felt in our awareness. It is through Self-Realization that we experience the ultimate truth and reality within our very own central nervous system.


The process of Self-Realization is effortless. The Kundalini energy, which is resting silently at the base of our spine, is gently awakened. This energy then travels up the spine, piercing each of the energy centers (chakras) along the way and integrating them. It finally reaches the top of the head and connects with the all-pervading power of divine Love – the Paramchaitanya. When this connection between the individual energy and the all-pervading power occurs, it results in the flow of breeze-like vibrations. This is a very tangible direct experience.  You can feel it in your nerves – a gentle breeze on the palm of the hands as well as on top of the head.  You feel relaxed. Your attention becomes pure and clear.  You enter a very peaceful meditative state of thoughtless awareness.

Sahaja Yoga is practiced worldwide. Meditation classes are offered free of charge at various locations. Classes are run by experienced meditation practitioners who volunteer their time to share the knowledge they have received.