Free Online 21-Day Meditation Course β€’ May 2 - June 18 β€’ 8:45 pm New York time β€’ LEARN MORE

Fun online interactive sessions for elementary and middle school children! In these weekly sessions, we introduce kids to meditation through music, games, and craft activities.

Empower your little ones with their inner tools

Through Sahaja Yoga, kids will learn simple and effective techniques to achieve inner peace and balance. Regular practice helps kids enhance their wisdom, improve behavior and focus, develop self-esteem, and boost their confidence. Children are assigned to break-out rooms by their grade level.

Regular Sahaja Yoga Meditation sessions can help children achieve:

πŸ¦‹ Self Realization – experiencing their hidden inner potential.

🌿 Stress Relief and Relaxation

βš–οΈ Balance – achieving physical, emotional, and mental balance to become calm from inside and outside.

πŸ¦‰ Enhanced Wisdom – learning and implementing the use of discrimination in life’s choices.

🎨 Creativity and Innovation

πŸ”Ž Improved Attention and Focus

🐘 Sharpened Memory

πŸ’Ž Self-esteem – developing faith within themselves and learning to trust one’s instincts.

πŸ’ͺ Courage and Confidence

🎀 Enhanced Communication and Public Speaking

πŸ™ Improved Behavior, Humility, and Mutual Respect

Elementary and Middle School Children’s Sessions

Saturdays | 2 – 3 pm ET

Learn simple and effective techniques to achieve inner peace and balance. Children are sorted out to break-out rooms by their grade level.

Sahaja Yoga is practiced worldwide. Meditation classes are offered free of charge at various locations. Classes are run by experienced meditation practitioners who volunteer their time to share the knowledge they have received.