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International Day of Yoga

June 19-21
Kids, teens, adults

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Inner Yoga – feel the clearing and healing effects of music & meditation

Meditation, Yoga Knowledge, Vocal Yoga, Raagas and Live Violin Music Therapy Workshop

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Sahaja Yoga is a worldwide time-honored meditation practice, allowing us to tap into the pure energy and pure love within. You can achieve a state of balance in just 10 minutes.

Daily practice of Sahaja Yoga meditation strengthens the qualities of wisdom, creativity, and compassion. The result is a life of enjoyment, not weighed down by the past. In the Self-realized state, we have clear attention, not distracted by worries about the future.

Discover the peace within!

Sahaja Yoga is practiced worldwide. Meditation classes are offered free of charge at various locations. Classes are run by experienced meditation practitioners who volunteer their time to share the knowledge they have received.

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